The Rabbit Burrow


    Farmer: John McMillen

    Founded: 1988

    Partner since: 2017

    Contact: John McMillen- cell phone- (814) 282-1509 Don McMillen- home phone- (814) 333-6377


    Who we are: We are a local rabbit farm located in Blooming Valley.

    Our practices: We raise healthy rabbits for pets, show, and meat. We currently raise the New Zealand breed for meat. Our rabbits eat pellets, hay and drink water.

    Our products: We are currently selling rabbits for pets, show, and meat. We raise New Zealands for meat which are fed on pellets, hay and water. We have rabbits on hand at all times of the year. Rabbits are able to go after the age of eight weeks. New Zealands are a great meat rabbit and rabbits is one of the best meats for you.